Saturday, 6 August 2011

Synopsis of The Curse Novel by Lee Su Ann

In 'The Curse' novel by Lee Su Ann , Azreen takes time off from her studies in London ,United Kingdom to return to her village in one of the legendary island of Langkawi . She return to mourn the lost of her older sister , Madhuri . However , she finds out via rumors and loud whisper that Madhuri was murdered . At her village , Azreen had to face with her cold-hearted father and at the same time an Alzheimer stricken mother . 

Azreen is subjected to negative comments and suspicion from her neighbours . She find consolation in the company of the Old Lady , an out cast of the village . Although the grand Old Lady is educated , the villagers shunned her because she murdered her abusive husband . 

Azreen has to solve the mystery that shrouds her sister's sudden death under suspicious tragedy . Her old schoolmate , Mohd Asraf refuses to reveal what he knows . A mysterious figure keeps on watching Azreen and strange things happen . Madhuri's room is destroyed in a fire . A carcass of a chicken with a broken neck was thrown in front of her house . Many villagers fall sick for no apparent reason . The Old Lady was killed in a fire accidentally caused by an angry Mohd Asraf . Bit by bit , the mysterious death of Madhuri is revelled by Azreen .


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