Sunday, 7 August 2011

Theme of The Curse Novel


1.1 Parental love
      > Salleh Abdullah and his wife love Madhuri dearly like their own biological daughter .
      > Azreen's inner conflict because she feels her father loves Madhuri more .

1.2 Forbidden Love
      > Mohd Asraf and Madhuri secretly love each other eventually led to Madhuri's death .

1.3 Unrequited Love
      > Azreen had a crush on Mohd Asraf during school days

> Before the Old Lady dies , she advises Azreen to forgive others . When Azreen discovers that it was her      father who murdered Madhuri , she was suprised and run but she felt no anger towards him because he was passed away caused by heart attack

Belief in The Supernatural
> The villagers seem to believe in supernatural . For example , villagers call upon Awang , the villager shaman to avert disasters . Another example , Puan Normala tries to convince the villagers that the village is cursed because Madhuri's blood is white .

Violence Against Women
> The story potrays some men believe women to be the weaker sex and they are violent towards them . For example , the Old Lady's husband was abusive towards her and repetitively abused her . He hit and kicked the Old Lady .

Gossip And Rumors
> Puan Normala is the gossip of the village . Gossiping is a way of life for her . She is "that rotten durian neighbour" says Datin Sharifah . Puan Normala is responsible for spreading the rumors about Madhuri drawing white blood . It was also Puan Normala's gossip that resulted in the tragic death of the Old Lady of the forest .  

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